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The Jumpslide Artist & Activist Residency is intended to provide space for artists, activists and others to create, collaborate, rest, and / or explore new ideas in New Orleans.

The residency includes a studio and living space in the Bywater for up to 3 weeks. It is open to artists, activists and others creating change in the world.

The Requirements: The residency requires you to do nothing more than participate in one community dinner at some point in the residency, as well as make a small artistic contribution to the studio itself. Our hope, but not expectation since change takes a lot of forms and happens over time, is that the residency will also benefit New Orleans and create positive change in the world in some way, shape and form.

About the space: The studio is a separate 280 square foot space with a bedroom, bath, kitchenette, and living room / studio. The studio has a small outdoor patio and comes with a bike. The space will start as a blank canvas, literally, that artists and others can add to.

How to Apply: The residency is currently by invitation only.



What is the space like? Is it shared?

The space is separate from our family space, and is one bedroom with a queen bed, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchenette. So it is really best for 1-2 people at a time.

What are the dates for the residency?

The process is super simple--folks can suggest dates that work with our calendar (which you can check here).

What kind of work is required?

We don’t require any particular line of work (or even work for that matter—sometimes we just need to rest to be able to continue on the path, right?). And no deliverables either. We will host a dinner or brunch with members of the community, and ask that participants add a bit of creativity to the studio itself (it is currently very white walls, no art, etc.). Here's what other residents have been up to.

What costs are involved?

Other than a small cleaning fee*, we don’t charge for the use of the space. But we also don’t cover flights, most meals, nor alcohol (the studio will be stocked with snacks and such though!). It is just the space that is provided….And a bike to use while staying with us.

*post-residency cleaning fee: $40/1week, $60/2weeks, $75/3weeks

Is there Internet?


Is there air conditioning?

Hell yes. It’s New Orleans and the studio has a brand new ac and heating system.

What types of artists is this residency open to?

There is no definition for artist nor activist nor artist-activist that we are using. And no single discipline is preferred. We just want to have people who are doing good / creating change in the world use the space.

Can I nominate someone else?

Right now the residency is by invitation only.  Past residents can nominate others. You can use this form to do that.

Why did you start this residency? 

The residency builds on the decade of work that we did with Revolutions Per Minute  in New Orleans after the floods. It also comes from the personal experience that artists and activists sometimes  need space for rest and inspiration free of deliverables, expectations, or other strings.