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guest house


The Jumpslide Guest House is intended to provide space for anyone to create, collaborate, rest, and / or explore new ideas in New Orleans.

The guest house includes a studio and living space in the Bywater and is available to friends of friends. Your contribution goes to support the Jumpslide Artist/Activist Residency or Mid City Zen during retreat periods.

Costs and minimums: We ask for a 2 night minimum. and the cost is $100/night. Discounted rates are available to Mid City Zen retreat participants (please contact Jon Voss).

About the space: The studio is a separate 280 square foot space with a bedroom, bath, kitchenette, and living room / studio. The studio has a small outdoor patio and comes with a bike. It’s decorated with art contributed by artist residents over the last few years.



What is the space like? Is it shared?

The space is separate from our family space, and is one bedroom with a queen bed, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchenette. So it is really best for 1-2 people at a time. There is also a couch that can be used as a twin bed.

When is the guest house available?

You can check the calendar here, though even if it does not show as occupied, it may not be available.

How do I book?

Email Jon Voss with your requested dates and contact info.

Is there free Internet?


Is there air conditioning?

Hell yes. It’s New Orleans and the studio has a brand new ac and heating system.

What is the Artist & Activist Residency?

The Jumpslide Artist & Activist Residency is an invite only residency program that supports collaboration/research/rest for artists and activists. Here's what other residents have done with their time.

Why did you start the residency? 

The residency builds on the decade of work that we did with Revolutions Per Minute  in New Orleans after the floods. It also comes from the personal experience that artists and activists sometimes need space for rest and inspiration free of deliverables, expectations, or other strings.